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T1 Point to Point Providers and P2P Line Service

In telecommunications, a Point to Point T1 is very important. Before discussing this further, it is important to know what the technology entails. Literally, it is a network made by laying a physical connection between two places. In this way, the two places are actually connected as if they are in the same place. It is the exact opposite of a virtual private network.

This service is widely deployed by organizations because of its numerous advantages. For one, it is very secure. If an organization has interests in different areas, it will be in its interest to have a line of communication between them. At the same time, they may also prefer to keep this line secure. This is something that is not possible with a Virtual Private Network.

Sharing information within an organization is very profitable. In fact, lack of communication is often cited as one of the leading causes of stagnation of organizations. Unfortunately, it is not always cheap to deploy communication networks. A T1 point to point is, however, relatively inexpensive and flexible.

These days, this is the standard for a number of solutions required by companies. Things like video conferencing, financial transactions, file sharing and many more are easily achieved by this standard. It is important to note that it is not a telephone line in itself, neither is a direct Internet line, but it transports both.

This point to point technology is very flexible, and what limit its applications are the equipments with which it can be used. It is a good way to reduce expenses associated with networking and phone calls. This is easy to understand if you factor discounts given to bulk buying. This is what the main office will get after deploying this technology.

Overall, though, this technology should not be deployed to reduce costs. The fractional reductions in call charges are not enough to offset the overall cost. It can be described as the most secure option available within the industry. There are other cheaper options, but they may not be very secure or private.

Considering the above reasons, it becomes easy to understand why this relatively old technology is still in use today. In fact, its use is increasing every year. Another reason for this is the number of technologies that come into use with which it can be used. For example, when it was invented video conferencing was not yet very practical. When video conferencing became commonplace, it was discovered that it was the best carrier for it.

These days, any business operating in more than one location can benefit from this technology. Examples of such enterprises include hospitals, franchises, educational and financial institutions. There are many providers of this solution, and there are a few factors to consider before selecting one.

Some of these considerations are bandwidth, the types of managed services, quality of the network and, of course, pricing. Some of these factors are important than others. The nature of your business determines which one to prioritize. It is possible to get a Point to Point T1 provider with good offers in all these areas.


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